Presentation Views

Presentation views demonstrate how components and assemblies interact. Views are created from external assemblies using the design views defined in assembly files. Presentations files save to their own native format, using the extension .ipn.

Create as many presentation views as you want in each file. Within each view, rotate cameras, tweak components, animate assemblies and add assembly trails to create different presentations for every design intent.

Presentation Environments

When you create or open an IPN file, you are automatically in the presentation environment. The presentation environment is really an extension of the assembly environment. It is where presentations are created, modified, animated, and saved.

Any changes you make to components and assemblies outside the presentation file are automatically reflected in your presentations, and the drawings you use to document them.

The Presentation Browser

The Presentation Browser displays the hierarchy of the views in your presentation. Nested under each view is a hierarchy of assemblies, subassemblies, components, and tweaks. From the Browser, you can tweak components, modify and delete tweaks, control trail visibility, and save the current view.



Two presentation views of an assembly.